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Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster

45 total reviews

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Strengthen your immune system


from 3 uds.

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The best option to give continuity to your shots and maximize your improvement process. You save on price, you save on shipping and we save CO₂ impact on the planet. 😇

The perfect complement for all those people who want to protect or improve their body's defense system, enhancing all the detoxification, inflammation and balance processes of the immune system.

  • Contains probiotics, l-glutamine, colostrum, lactoferrin and NAC, among others.
  • Optimal product for athletes.
  • 2 patents included: Pylopass and Dygezyme.
  • 10 natural ingredients chosen to improve your immune system
  • Very pleasant flavor to take on a daily basis.
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How to take it



A dose of 10g (3 scoops) dissolved in 200 ml of water


In the morning on an empty stomach or before a lunch


For best results, you need to take it every day

your improvement process

Learn in detail how Immunity Booster helps you over time
  • month 1

    Contribution and Consistence

    It is very important to maintain consistency with intakes, with special emphasis on this initial phase, since it will be when the control and self-care of our immune health will begin to be favored, achieving small changes in our body.
  • month 2

    Adaptation to the body

    Phase of adaptation and recognition of the nutrients and active ingredients of Immunity Booster so that they begin to perform all their functions and provide their benefits. It is very important to maintain consistency in the recommended intake.
  • month 3

    Rreinforcement of our immune system

    Remarkable results phase, where we can notice the benefits of this complete and safe formula to maintain and care for immune health in a comprehensive and functional way.
  • month 4

    Results and continuity

    Maintenance phase, where the benefits will be notable and lasting if the adequate supply of all the nutrients of Immunity Booster is continued to avoid, from where the human being can do with its habits, diet, and supplementation, pathologies related to a weak immune system and a poor and/or damaged gut microbiota.

Protects against inflammation

Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system which, when it persists over time, can turn against the body. Therefore, to boost our immune system, we must act against inflammation.

Immunity Booster contains ingredients such as blackberry powder, lactoferrin and ginger, which gradually and naturally reduce chronic inflammation.

Prevents flu-like symptoms and improves immune function

The immune system is the body's natural defense against infection. Through a series of reactions, the body fights and destroys invading infectious substances before they cause us harm.

Immunity Booster includes NAC, a powerful liver antioxidant known for its ability to process states of detoxification. Together with lactoferrin, it contributes to improving liver health, the main way to carry out detoxification and detoxification processes.

Improves digestion processes

????Immunity booster has a series of components aimed at achieving a correct enzymatic function, which could induce positive effects on the recovery of inflammatory pathologies and on sports recovery.

On the other hand, the correct assimilation of vitamins and minerals promotes prompt recovery and improvement in pathological processes.


Get to know the Immunity Booster formula


Non-essential amino acid present in the formation of proteins. It feeds lymphocytes and intestinal cells.


Provides essential antioxidants for the body.


N-Acetyl L-Cysteine ??stands out for its antioxidant role and ability to increase brain dopamine.


Rich in Immunoglobulin A (SLgA), essential in the adaptive humoral response, on the mucosal surfaces of the gastrointestinal, respiratory and urogenital tracts.


Globular protein present in milk, which functions as a powerful protector of the immune system. Fungicidal, antiallergic, catalytic and radioprotective action.


Multienzyme complex that contains amylases, proteases and lipases, three enzymes that intervene in the chemical digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, avoiding heavy digestion and its consequences.
 Lactobacillus Reuteri

Lactobacillus Reuteri

Natural formula that helps control the levels of Helycobacter Pylori in the human gastric epithelium. This bacterium can cause inflammation of the gastric mucosa and, as a consequence, cause gastritis or peptic ulcers.

preguntas frecuentes

Why is this Levels product better than others in the same category?

Because its composition is multifactorial / multi nutritional, meaning that today there is no direct competition and that it makes a big difference in terms of quality compared to the products on the market.

How will the product work for me?

The consistency will mean greater adherence and effects, and with it will come the real results in the medium term. However, there are people who report very good feelings in a matter of days, especially when they already have a very good base with food and sports. This product provides a series of nutrients that directly benefit the health of the consumer, positively regulating the activity of the immune system, strengthening it and making it more effective so that it can fight against day-to-day situations without falling ill.

Do I have to consume it every day?

It is not necessary, but you can do it without inconvenience or negative incidences at the health level. In addition, these types of supplements require a certain continuity so that their effects accumulate and generate benefits at a physiological level. However, we always recommend temporary control by a professional in the sector who guarantees the intake of any type of supplement.

Why should I include this product in my daily life? What benefits will it bring me?

It is very common in the society in which we live to suffer from inflammation that negatively influences people's health and performance. For this reason, and considering all its benefits seen above, we find its daily use very useful, especially at times when we perceive that the aforementioned may be affecting us.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Maria B. (Barcelona, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Alrededor de 3 meses
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría

immunity booster

Belén M. (Logroño, ES)
Creo que tomaré este producto durante...: Alrededor de 3 meses
Recomendaría este producto a un amigo que lo necesite: SI, lo recomendaría
Reforzando el sistema inmune de todos en casa

Nos sentimos más tranquilos para combatir virus y bacterias con este complemento alimenticio.

Antonio S.B.
Todo fantástico

Lo notas desde el primer día

Paula (Algeciras, ES)
Muy buen producto, repetiré sin duda.

Tiene muy buen sabor, con lo que te acostumbras rápido a tomarlo por la mañana. Desde que llevo tomándolo, sin un solo resfriado y buenas digestiones. Volveré a repetir sin duda.

Sergio G. (Barcelona, ES)

Excelentes productos y composición los recomiendo siempre

Alína (Castelldefels, ES)
Es genial !!!

Estoy muy contenta con los resultados de este producto. Me noto mejor , a nivel digestivo me siento más aliviada y no tan hinchada, me ha ayudado regularizar mi tránsito intestinal. Aparte tiene un buen sabor , de disuelve muy rápido y es fácil de seguir una rutina.
Volveré a comprarlo !

Esther (Madrid, ES)
Aumenta las defensas

Es un complejo potente que te aumenta las defensas CD lo necesitas. En mi último resfriado no sufrí tanto y me duró menos. Lo recomiendo totalmente.

Alicia (Madrid, ES)
Polvitos mágicos

Llevo un mes tomándolo y no he enfermado en absoluto, antes cada virus de los niños lo cogía y todo el invierno estaba mala, con el estrés me salían herpe ....Éste año me he librado de todo y gracias a immunity booster

¡Hola Alicia! Muchas gracias por tu feedback.

Nos alegra saber que el Inmunity Booster está siendo tu aliado para estar sana y fuerte :)


Es apto durante el embarazo? Gracias!

¡Hola Sonia! Gracias por la pregunta.

El Inmunity Booster no es compatible con el embarazo.

SILVIA S. (Torrent, ES)
Immunity Booster

Tiene buen sabor. Creo que es pronto para valorar sus resultados pero tengo expectativas buenas, ya que llevo una racha de coger cualquier resfriado, infección, etc. Ahora me encuentro bien, espero seguir así

¡Hola Silvia! Muchas gracias por tu feedback.

Te recomendamos agendar una asesoría con nuestra nutricionista profesional para que pueda darte una mano y analizar junto con ella cómo puedes mejorar tu experiencia con nuestro producto, en el siguiente enlace:

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